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Periodically we will be uploading lesson files to share. These lessons can also be found on the Smart Exchange at Exchange.SmartTech.com.

- Introduction to Inequalities (Notebook w/ Response Review)
- Multiple Step Equations (Notebook w/ Response Review)

- Intro to Fractions (Notebook w/Response Review)
- Manipulative Blocks Practice (Notebook)

Language Arts:
- Fact vs Opinion

Newston's Laws (Notebook w/ Response Review and videos)
- Human Body Parts (Notebook with 3D Tools)
- Space Gallery (3d Objects and graphics)

Social Studies:

- Introduction to Computers (Notebook w/ Response Review)

- Musical Notes (Notebook w/Response Review and Widgets)

- D300 SMART User Conference Keynote address - A SMART'er Future in Education
- D300 SMART User Conference - SMART'er Resources
- Notebook 11! What there is a new version
Working SMART'er Not Harder
- A SMART'er Way to Prepare for ISAT (Updated 4/21/2012)
- Working SMART'er with Tables and Recorders